Top 10 Cloud Based Free Website Monitoring Tools to check Cloud Uptime

Cloud Website Monitoring and Cloud Hosting can surely increase your website’s uptime, but there are some cases where even the Cloud Services are down. Some Free Website monitoring services have downtime issues while some are very costly.

There are free open source based website uptime monitoring tools but the limitation is that they need to be installed on your server. in order to measure your website’s uptime, you need an external source to do the monitoring rather than the server itself. So free website uptime measurement software is not as efficient as cloud website monitoring services.

Cloud Free Website Monitoring services

If you ever wanted to truly know the uptime of your website or a cloud provider, you need a Website Monitoring service. No Cloud Provider can give you a 100% uptime, but you can at least know how much you achieved from your cloud provider using an uptime measuring service. Unfortunately, the Website monitoring services also have downtimes. The solution?

Cloud based Website monitoring.

 These services are usually costly and you need to invest some more money to know how your site is doing.

Fortunately, some of the Cloud service providers are kind hearted and they have provided this service as FREE. Yeah, I mean it.

While free is usually not trustable, these providers actually have their infrastructure on the Cloud and also provide the service to you using the same Cloud. This helps you to know more about your website uptime and all round uptime of your Cloud Provider. Uptime is crucial for readers as well as SEO.

Here are the Top 10 Free Cloud Based Website Monitoring Services I came across and used so far.

These Free Cloud Website Monitoring providers are the best and have a good uptime.

1. Pingdom: The first and of course the very best tool to monitor your site 24×7 for FREE. Pingdom is very well reputed and the uptime checks are also powered by their Cloud based infrastructure. Pingdom provides free email alerts and for downtimes and it has a very catchy user interface.

“Good for Geeks”

Link: Pingdom

2. Site 24×7: This is the child of a big company known for its enterprise Cloud Collaboration, Zoho Corp. This service is equally reputable with Pingdom and offers similar functionality. The checks are made every 10 minutes and you can monitor up to 5 websites for FREE.

Link: Site24x7

3. Copper Egg: This name isn’t famous very much but I have been using it for all my sites. This excellent monitoring tool provides status checks every 15 seconds and also from all around the world. It has email notifications instantly when your site is down. Also it has a good UI panel with the option to monitor two servers for FREE.

Link: CopperEgg

4. Montastic: This is a FREE Website monitoring service that monitors your site every 5 minutes and also provides you with an email alert system. Additionally you have the option to check for particular keywords on a page and also custom port verification. The best part is a Widget availability for Mac, Windows and Android.

Link: Montastic

5. FreeSiteStatus: As the name suggests, it is a FREE Site Status checking tool with Email and SMS notification on downtime alerts. It has the ability to issues a reboot to your system in case of downtime persistence. It’s globally situated and has very useful options than the others listed here.

Link: FreeSiteStatus

6. Neustar Web metrics: This service formerly Browser Mob is the power packed solution. It has many abilities and a cool GUI for monitoring your sites via its control panel. They are professional and the top cats in Website Monitoring. They offer a FREE plan with limited functionalities, but it’s worth a try.

Link: Neustar Webmetrics

7. Monitor. Us: This is a famous name when it comes to monitoring. From Servers to Websites, monitors everything in between. It has its own panel for checking your status and also it’s free.


8. Verelo: They are the new kids in the monitoring block. The monitoring system is very simple and has its own GUI made from Bootstrap. The ability to use a subdomain to verify the status is the best option available. We use it for CloudPlugged and you can verify the uptime status at This service is worth giving a try and there is always a FREE plan.

Link: Verelo

9. Wup Box: They provide the FREE plan only for one website monitor with a 15 minute interval. There is also an option for email alerts. I haven’t used this service yet, so no more words on it.

Link: Wupbox

10. Monitor Scout: This is very less known name and i have been trying it since their beta phase. The GUI is a bit too dark and might drive away some newbies but the service has many functionalities and email alerts. The tonnes of options they provide is unmatchable but they need to do some homework on the GUI.

Link: Monitor Scout

Verdict: I have been using many website monitoring tools/apps but the cloud based monitoring services are the best. No downtime from their side and downtime updates towards your side. These Free Cloud based Website Monitoring Services are an excellent choice for starter websites and small blogs.

My Recommendations: Pingdom, Copper Egg, Monitor Scout, Verelo

 Remember. “Too many monitors spoil the soup and your email inbox”

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