Are We Confident Enough About The Cloud?

Once just a dream, the cloud is currently the most embraced reality of the industry. Now the most sought after service in the IT sector, the cloud has been the recipient of rapid adoption as organizations have now begun embracing the cloud and the services that make it a compelling package.

With incentives such as cost effectiveness, agility and efficiency, the cloud is fast tacking its path to become the must-have service for every organization. With such services to offer, organizations of all sizes and sorts are switching over with confidence, assured that their actions will bear fruitful results.

Here are discussed the most significant reasons why the cloud is being favored by the industry and is being embraced with confidence.

1. Public or Private? Both!

Organizations have a hard time deciding what cloud type will suit all their needs, as both the private and the public cloud models offers certain services that make each unique. For example, SMBs should go for the public model of the cloud, due to their basic needs.

But for bigger organizations who want the best of both worlds, the cloud offers another type. The hybrid cloud provides the services of both the cloud types in a single package. The security of the private cloud can be used to store private internal data and the public cloud services can be used for the organizations functioning. Thus providing services tailor made to the organizations that require the best of the cloud in a single entity.

2. Cloud in a Box

If a certain organization is looking for the services of the private cloud, but cannot invest the time, effort and capital to make one, the alternative is a cloud in a box. Such a need is entertained by companies like Cisco, Dell and HP which provide integrated cloud stacks that provide the customer the services of the private cloud minus the hard work. This service provides block pre-packaged and launch ready needed for build the cloud. This service includes packaged hardware or software solutions that form the infrastructure whenever the system is turned on. Thus provides the users with virtual databases, ready at boot-up.

This cloud services is a boon for organizations that require their workstations to be reconfigured with every project change.

3. Storage Options and Diversity

Organizations that use the cloud storage to store their private data and process it, are finding it a rewarding venture. Companies that provide different storage services where the location is the same as that of the server do not charge the customers whenever data is moved out of the storage as it is considered local. The other reason for the confidence in the cloud movement being that is provides a lot of fluctuating storage as extra storage can be bought whenever needed which makes the cloud a fluid, highly customizable resource which make it the go-to option for any firm.

4. Data Encryption

For those concerned with the security of the data when it comes to the cloud, should find data encryption helpful in relieving the said concerns. The cloud provides the service to encrypt the data with the encryption key thus making it safe against any sort of privacy regulation. The cloud ensures that the data is kept confidential and private, which ultimately is the chief concern for any organization.

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