Are You Doing a Check on the Hidden Costs and Technical Glitches with the Cloud?


The cloud is everywhere. The term ‘Cloud Computing’ has created much expectations and hype among its anticipants. Many companies are just embracing the cloud without much or a little check on it. However, conscious users have their view on the Cloud that calls for a strong check on the claims and assurance on the various … Read more

Why Virtualization Security Is Crucial

Hybrid Cloud Computing and Cluster Cloud Computing difference

If you’re familiar with what virtualization is then you can probably guess why virtualization security is so important. When businesses (especially large businesses) are utilizing virtualization tools to store and send sensitive information, there becomes a great need to secure that data. Failing to do so can literally bring a company to the ground. Virtualization Benefits There … Read more

Security Tips for Enjoying the Benefits of Moving To the Cloud

Cloud is definitely here to stay. Embracing this new IT system gives you cost-effective benefits that business owners can’t resist. In fact, 82% of all companies that have already adopted cloud-based infrastructures saved more than half of what they used to spend. Furthermore, about 14% of cloud-dependent enterprises have downsized their IT workers, reducing their … Read more

Virtualization Threats Rise As Reliance Increases


Virtualization technology has been around for a while now and it is only climbing in popularity and application. Back when vritualization technology was considered to be new it was getting a lot of attention and it was hoped that the security part of it would not be placed on the back-burner, like most other new … Read more

How To Save Business Cost With The Help Of Cloud Computing


Simply put, cloud computing is using remote servers accessed via the Internet to store and access applications and files. This type of computing has recently become popular because it allows people to have all of the technical resources they need to effortlessly run their information systems without the hassles of installing, storing, and updating files … Read more

Top 10 Cloud Computing Companies & Products to improve your cloud experience

Cloud Computing is offered in many ways like IaaS, SaaS, PaaS and much more evolving technologies. While the cloud computing world is growing day by day, end users are always confused about which company provides the best service and maximum uptime. Apart from them maintenance and protection of your cloud is crucial to survive in this … Read more

Why Hybrid Clouds can be better than Public and Private Clouds

Hybrid Cloud is better than public and private clouds

Cloud Computing is the answer to many IT questions these days. While most organisations are moving to the cloud in a fast pace, many are still pessimistic about its efficiency and security. The general solution for Cloud Computing starters is Public Clouds. For some major organisations, Private clouds are more secure and trustworthy in their … Read more

Cloud Crafting: Ten tips to create robust Cloud Computing environment

Cloud Computing can be most effective and productive at times, but when the Cloud is not configured properly it simply is a waste of valuable resources and expenditure. Often many organisations get into Hybrid Cloud computing or Private Cloud computing modes for better performance of their organisations/ business. This is the fundamental areas where Cloud … Read more

5 ways to create a risk and disaster management strategy in the Cloud

Cloud Computing risk and disaster management CloudPlugged

Cloud computing is all about uninterrupted service at a cheap price than traditional methods to power your IT industry. While Cloud can effectively help you in managing your monthly bills, it can also leave you lost in the cloud sometimes. The biggest issues in cloud computing these days are lack of a perfect back up … Read more

Cloud Security for the Cost effective business – Symantec Whitepaper

Cloud Security is the foremost and essential part of Cloud Computing. However, it is also the costliest part of Cloud Computing. Securing your Cloud applications and servers is an essential and crucial part of your day to day buysiness operations. In  order to assess security and its requirement for your particular business can be a … Read more