The Cloud: The Next Internet Frontier

The concept of cloud computing, or The Cloud, as it is more commonly referred to nowadays, is a technology that migrates typical business services being done by companies to computer networks over the Internet. The term “cloud” comes from the fact that the Internet is usually being referred to in symbols and diagrams as a … Read more

Cloud Storage 101

Do you know that you can now access and edit your files in a remote location without bringing a USB drive or a portable storage device with you? It’s now possible, thanks to the emergence of online storage solutions. You can now upload your files to a remote server and access them later using another … Read more

Top 4 Best “Freemium” Cloud Storage Options


If you want to safely store your digital data, but aren’t ready to shell out hundreds of dollars a year for the service, there are some reliable options available that don’t involve shady contracts or bait and switch practices. Cloud storage providers are popping up left and right, and to compete for your business, most … Read more

Get the Most Out of Blackberry Cloud Services

Cloud services are slowly becoming integral parts of many businesses today. That is because they allow employees in the field to keep in touch with each other and with the head office through their smartphones. In spite of the distance that separates these employees from the head office, the cloud allows them to access and … Read more

Cloud Storage Sites Worth Considering

Thanks to the growing number of sites that offer free online storage, you can now have backup copies of your photos, music, videos, and other files, as well as copies of your business telephone contacts in the cloud without having to pay any fee. While it is still best and recommended that you have personal … Read more

Cloud Storage is cheap? Think again, Cloud Storage vs. Local Storage compared

Cloud Storage vs. Local Storage - CloudPlugged

Cloud Storage had been considered cheap and effective when it comes to Cloud Computing vs. Ordinary Computing. Let’s face the hard facts, Cloud Storage can be much more costly than a local storage for your ‘Sensitive and Secure’ data. Here are the Top 10 reasons why Cloud Storage is ultimately costly than your local storage … Read more

Cloud Based Data Archiving vs Legacy Traditional Archiving -Whitepaper

Data storage in the Cloud can be cheap to some extent, but data backup and archiving can be cumbersome and costly. The lack of a good cloud backup strategy and backup providers is the main reason that withholds new customers from the cloud. This whitepaper from proof point deals with the general differences involved in Cloud based archiving vs traditional archiving. … Read more

Cloud Computing in Application Management and Deployment – Whitepaper

This white paper from HP deals with Cloud Computing and use of Cloud Computing role in Application Management and deployment. If you have an App that is used for your business / Organisation you need too learn why the Cloud is the best place to deploy it. This whitepaper is a lot informative and guides … Read more

DropBox vs Google Drive vs Sky Drive vs Box: Cloud Storages Compared

Cloud Storage is important for every internet user. With Cloud Computing increasing globally, there are many Free Cloud Storage providers. Free cloud storage is a good way to penetrate into the Cloud Computing industry without any extra effort. With good backend security and front end GUI, a Cloud solution provider can always make a huge … Read more