The Cloud: Should I Trust The Cloud Or Do My Own Backups?

Modern advances in technology have made it possible to back up data in a variety of different ways. Cloud storage provides an opportunity to automatically back up data and keep information safe, but that does not mean it is risk-free. There are still certain concerns associated with the cloud, so it is important to recognize the potential risks and take measures to reduce the problems before deciding on the best way to back-up data.

Cloud Risks

The risks associated with the cloud depend on a variety of factors, including personal actions and activities. Although the factors that may contribute and increase the risks may vary, certain problems are a common concern. The problems that may arise include:

  • Passwords that are hacked
  • Passwords that are given out accidentally
  • Data being stolen before it is stored on the cloud
  • Government seizures and subpoenas

Even though it is possible to take steps to reduce the risks associated with the cloud, HowStuffWorks suggests that it is important to compare the options and cloud providers before making a decision about the safety of the data.

Reducing Risks

Certain risks that are associated with the cloud are beyond personal control, such as seizures from the government in relation to investigations of the company, other customers of the cloud storage provider or similar situations, can make it risky to leave all of the data in one location.

Taking steps to reduce the risks associated with cloud storage can help ensure that data is safe, regardless of how it is stored and maintained.

Since password protection is a key concern, it is important to create a strong password and refuse to share the password with any other individual. Sharing the password with others can put personal data at risk, particularly when it comes to hackers. A hacker does not necessarily obtain information from a personal computer, but may obtain the data from a friend who happens to give it away.

When it comes to protecting data en route to the cloud storage, encryption can reduce the risks. An encryption code means that a hacker cannot read any data that is stolen without the proper key. As a result, the information is safe, even if it is stolen.

Backing Up Data in Several Locations

Even though cloud storage is not necessarily dangerous, it does come with certain risks. By backing up data in more than one location, the risk of losing information is reduced. It is usually best to back-up data to the cloud and a second location, such as an external hard drive. Depending on the amount of data, the best storage and backup solutions may vary.

It is important to keep information backed up to avoid the total loss of personal, professional or company data. Depending on the importance of the information, the security measures that can help maintain the data may vary. In general, cloud storage is safe as long as measures are taken to reduce the risks; however, it is still wise to back data up in more than one location to further diversify the potential risk of losing important information.


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