It is Cloud Everywhere; Catch Some Drops for a Smoother Sail!

With the tremendous rise of cloud computing in the recent time, top authorities in this field are constantly brainstorming how to carve out more innovative ways utilizing the cloud services to its fullest. The important topic of the moment is – finding ways how various solution providers can suitably include ‘Cloud Computing’ to their offerings. At the first instance, this may sound like using cloud service as shopping cart software.

cloud-computing basics

Here are some high points about cloud computing that can act as important tips for IT solution/service providers venture into successful cloud players.

  1. Embracing cloud computing definitely compels for a key change in organization’s IT practices.  The foremost approach should be to learn the best cloud skill along with integrating a focused cloud service (for e.g. Cisco’s WebEx). This will ensure establishing not only a successful, but also a recurring revenue generating business model.

  2. Explain the confusion. Most of the could buyers are in utter delusion or confusion about cloud computing. Being the cloud service provider, you must help them clarify the confusion to zeros. This will certainly help in a smooth transition and the partnership will evolve as mutually fulfilling and contributing.

  3. Be very distinct and definitive in what cloud service you are going to offer. There are certain cloud partner programs that invite players partner as per their capability – you can build your own could, provide cloud services, or become a cloud reseller.

  4. Security is important. Insecurity is the other term for uncertainty; and companies will not do business in an uncertain environment. Your cloud service definitely has to offer the highest level of security. Hence, Security, Availability, and Reliability are very inherent.

  5. Do not just be the Facilitator; be a Cloud Consultant. Mere deployment and maintenance should not be the broader cloud service model. There must be included some innovative, continuous value added options that will engage and enable deploying new skills and your very own intellectual property. This may also call for developing a service that is in perfect alignment of the industry vertical.

  6. Add some credentials to your service. The bet and the most cost-effective way is to obtain vendor certification in cloud computing. Certification not only makes the entry easy, but it also builds a solid reputation among the vendors.

Cloud computing has not yet caught its top gear. Opportunities are many. However, a clearly thought out business model, which holistically integrates all the participants, will definitely make the impact and give the best out of this venture.