Google Cloud Compute vs Amazon Web Services – Price War

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Google Cloud Compute and Amazon Web Services have seen quite an intense competition of late. Amazon was ahead in imparting the services than Google. However, there’s always been an intense competition. The following post deals with the price as well as feature war of the same.

Undoubtedly, Google as well as AWS are there to pose intense competition in the whole of cloud market, however having said that they have approach of their own. Amazon is synonymous with giving highly competent as well as sophisticated features of its own. Its top-notch service is another reason why it is being preferred. Another thing worth mentioning about Amazon is that it comes with immense variety of options for storage such as Google. Other than that, it also has Elastic Block Storage, simple storage service (S3) etc.

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Both the renowned companies also consist of renowned data analytics platform as well. Google boasts of BigQuery, Amazon Web Services offers ElastcMap Reduce. As part of its sticking with the best of technological inventions, AWS has also re-invented Kenesis, which is a perfect platform for real-time data analytics and it is totally suitable for short-term analytics jobs.

AWS has far upper hand with respect to Google, when it comes considering the marketplace of partners that imparts services. There are series of services which help users to experience as well. Such as enterprise applications from SAP along with performance optimization tools from a renowned and famous name such as Riverbed etc.

AWS has been regularly coming up with series of features as well as services which are surely boosting its business manifolds. Along with that, it also faces some of the intense competition which it didn’t have before in the quest of acquiring some of the top-notch position.

Google indeed in the process of giving intense competition is pushing AWS for more quick and sophisticated technological inventions.

As per the news, Google Cloud Compute will be coming up with extremely sophisticated cloud unlike to the one compared with AWS.

Google cloud compute has taken some of the steps to make its services at par with that of AWS. The prices have been slashed and as a result, its cloud services stood out to be quite cheaper with respect to Amazon. Needless to say that Amazon is considered to be the utmost leader in imparting cloud services for business men.

The cloud is such a broader term and this term is primarily used for wide range of activities such as for hosting websites, running various data-centric operations etc.

The battle for Google and Amazon usually relates with the fact that who will take a big chunk of profits possibly by ensuring advanced technological inventions and by using the best of services.

It is estimated that the total cost of servers along with the software and IT services will be at a $1.4 trillion market in 2014, which is estimated to be whopping six times the total revenue of Google and Amazon last year.