4 Advanced future technologies-IoT,Robots,Virtual Reality& Drones

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The world we live in is transforming with every passing minute and the technology is literally catching up with the clock. The generation which saw the emergence of Internet as the pinnacle of innovation will get acquainted with a lot more spell binding inventions. Virtual reality, Internet of Things, Drones and Robots are the future. People perceiving the real with flesh and matter will live in a simulated world created out of a computer. Internet of Things will carve out a universe in which every piece of equipment is connected to another.

I have enlisted aforementioned technological innovations as world changing; let’s discuss each of them in detail:

Virtual Reality:

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Abbreviated as VR, Virtual reality definition is computer simulated environment which is created in accordance with a real life surrounding. This replicated environment operating on a computer generated platform allows the users to interact with the surrounding and fellow users too. The most interesting fact about such a computerized replica is the ability to experience sensory realism through the feeling of vision, sound, smell and touch.

Such simulated environments can be accessed through displays generating on a computer screen or through an HD VR stereoscopic displays. VR has already found utilization in various fields such as education, video games, entertainment, fine arts industry and many more.

Internet of Things:


Abbreviated as IoT, this concept generates from the core psychology of a connected world. Additionally our world is just not about humans is it? Our world is created by everything which it encompasses, so the future we look forward to is a network of things which can communicate with each other just as we humans do. This doctrine allows us to live in a habitat which is constantly evolving by sharing data and information.

Such A technical revolution will greatly impact the way we live currently. Imagine our refrigerator connected to a super market and ordering the groceries by itself once the racks are empty. The future is when humans won’t need to communicate their basic needs through other mediums and Internet will win the race.


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What is Drone? A drone is essentially an aircraft without a human piloting it. Known by many other names this technological masterpiece currently finds most of the utilization in military related operations across the globe. However, certain other realms of our society are opening up to the idea of using drones to increase the efficiency and output. Although while looking at a drone you might get the feel of it being an obsolete piece of hardware but in reality it is way ahead of our times. Computer operated flight plans and maneuvering is what makes Drones an invention of essence in our present and future.


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Unlike other three inventions Robots have probably been on our minds for the longest time. We as a species have always been attracted towards the power of creating another species altogether. Special thanks to motion pictures and science fiction literature Robots have been a part of our household ever since early 1930’s. Primarily these Robots or once called Androids are to be operated by a human but some future technological innovations such as Artificial Intelligence can actually pave the way for a new rival species on this planet.