Characteristics of Cloud Computing

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Information technology has advanced greatly in recent years due to the development of new hardware and software solutions. But one of the changes impacting on the current trend is concerns regarding to the use of…


What is Cloud Computing as a service over the Internet

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Cloud computing, often simply called “the cloud” is the supply-demand computing resources-from applications to data centers, the Internet, according to a pay per use with features and functionality to deploy services and maintain uptime. Elastic…

Small business and cloud computing

Cloud Computing Basics For Small Businesses

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If there’s one thing that information technology (IT) types love more than technology, it’s got to be using buzzwords. Just spend a few minutes reading over the promotional literature for just about any corporate oriented…

Practical Systems for Telecommuter Companies

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There are certain industries where companies could be capable of rendering services to other businesses without having to go through the traditional channels of delivering value to their customers. These are business where the services…

How to Secure Your Data in the Cloud

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Using cloud storage services can provide you with a number of benefits. For one, using the internet to store and keep backups of your files can save you money. You can also easily access your…

cloud small business

Multimedia file conferencing via VoIP

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Professionals working together on projects but from separate physical locations both near and far from each other have become conveniently possible through cloud-based VoIP technology. Owing to recent breakthroughs in online tech, business practices have…