What Can a Cloud Service Do for Your Business?

Backing up files for your business is one essential recipe for success and order. Although most businesses understand how critical the task is, they may fail to look at the actual benefits that a secure backup system could offer. Some of the great advantages that a cloud service could give are great savings, both in … Read more

How to Secure Your Data in the Cloud

Using cloud storage services can provide you with a number of benefits. For one, using the internet to store and keep backups of your files can save you money. You can also easily access your files and share them with other users. Unfortunately, a lot of people are still apprehensive to store their data online … Read more

Multimedia file conferencing via VoIP

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Professionals working together on projects but from separate physical locations both near and far from each other have become conveniently possible through cloud-based VoIP technology. Owing to recent breakthroughs in online tech, business practices have also been impacted by such enabling tech options to a point that it has become a widely accepted process in … Read more

How to Secure Your Business from Online Threats

The advancements in technology have changed the way companies do business. With technology, more companies are now able to do things faster and more efficiently. The advent of the internet has also made many businesses reliant on computing devices to do tasks. Information technology is evidently beneficial for business but it does not come without … Read more

Reaching the Cloud: Trends on Integrating Cloud Technology in Businesses

A storm of innovation is engulfing businesses today in the form of cloud technology. It’s not a matter of resisting the wave anymore; there is a climate of anticipation regarding how the cloud systems will be of use to companies and what possible departments and assets may likely benefit or get hit from adopting this … Read more

What Happens After a Cloud Switch?

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Switching to cloud technology for your business’ online systems means leveling up the digital tech systems currently in place. Since this is a more advanced kid of web-based system that is run by powerful cloud-based servers, hooking up with one being hosted by a competent service provider is a cost efficient and enabling one to … Read more

Things to Avoid when Storing Data Online

Thanks to the internet, you can now say goodbye to using your flash drive to store and edit the files you are working on. As long as you have a cloud storage account and internet access, you can now bring your job wherever you go without having to save your documents in a data storage … Read more

The Basics of Managing Data Properly

Every business entity generates a massive amount of information each day. If not all, most of this information is extremely important for the overall operation of the business, most especially in forecasting, strategic planning and in the decision-making process. However, nothing is made perfect and every system has its own flaws. A piece of information … Read more

Are cloud services safe?

It is hard to ignore the recent news about data hacking, tapping and just pure compromising. While many agencies may argue that these are for citizens’ protection, we can’t help but think twice about uploading our personal information and let alone our files. One of the increasingly popular technologies nowadays is cloud services. These are … Read more

Top Cloud-based Services You Should Get

The usual approach for any company when it comes to digitizing their inventory, data and other records is to set up their own infrastructure. When they need key services like business phones, faxing and email, they usually go the traditional route of contracting location-based service providers instead of looking for alternative solutions. If only these … Read more