Top Cloud-based Services You Should Get

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The usual approach for any company when it comes to digitizing their inventory, data and other records is to set up their own infrastructure. When they need key services like business phones, faxing and email, they usually go the traditional route of contracting location-based service providers instead of looking for alternative solutions.

If only these companies are aware that you don’t need to set up infrastructure and expensive hardware for every single service that you need. There are cheaper solutions that can be integrated into your IT systems such that you only need to set up solid IT infrastructure and nothing else. Everything you need can be done in the cloud.

How, you ask? Take a look at the top cloud services you and your company should get:

File storage  online File storage

Although flash drives are getting smaller, cheaper and higher in volume, they are still subject to physical damage, loss and corruption. Unless you have really good IT staff who’s always on top of their game, the files could not be the updated version and only one person has a specific file all the time; unless it’s copied judiciously. If you outsource your file storage to the cloud, it’s now accessible to anyone who you’ve given permission to the company account. This means that branch offices, assistants and contacts can look at pertinent files wherever and whenever they want.

VoIP phone services

VoIP phone services

If you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional telephone system, then VoIP is the tech for you. As long as you have good IT infrastructure to support the calling software and the audio data transfer, you can have a phone service (learn more) right on your computer. We’re not talking about a video call embedded in your email client; we’re talking about having your own business phone number that people can call like it’s a landline. No one need ever know you’re using your computer or smart device and the internet to accept and make calls.

Online faxOnline fax

You may think that telephony solutions stop with actual phones, but you couldn’t be more mistaken. You can send and receive faxes as if you had a dedicated fax system. How? An internet fax application receives faxes like an email client and sends documents in the form of faxes. This means that instead of email addresses for recipients, you use fax numbers. A great thing about online fax is that your senders never get a busy fax tone. You also don’t have to request a fax tone as your service provider handles the delay when the recipient is busy.

Office suitesOffice suites

One expense that any company usually braces itself for is the office software. Licenses can really break the bank, while open source software is not as reliable. Instead of buying a license for each user or terminal on your office, why not used cloud-based office suites? Basically, you buy or subscribe to one license for your whole company and access the software through the internet. Offline work is usually not allowed, since you need to log on to your account to open your work. It’s still much cheaper than buying software outright and you usually get updated to the latest versions for free. What’s more, you can also integrate file sharing with the office suites, which means updating files and databases just got easier and more efficient.


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