How To Save Business Cost With The Help Of Cloud Computing


Simply put, cloud computing is using remote servers accessed via the Internet to store and access applications and files. This type of computing has recently become popular because it allows people to have all of the technical resources they need to effortlessly run their information systems without the hassles of installing, storing, and updating files … Read more

Time Ripe For Small Business Owners To Have Their Heads In The Cloud

Small business and cloud computing

For every mega corp there are hundreds of small businesses owned, managed and run by individuals, alone or with minimal assistance. Medium and large enterprises have moved from networked environments to private and public cloud services. Small businessmen have a tight control over all aspects of their business from manufacturing to purchase to sales and … Read more

Cloud Server Hosting Is The Wave Of The Future


Cloud server hosting is the preferred choice of many because it allows an unlimited number of machines to function as one system. With other hosting solutions, only one machine is used which can lead to problems if the machine develops an issue. With cloud hosting, a number of servers are used so cloud technology makes … Read more

The Rise Of Fake Clouds

Photo Credit: Daquella manera “Fake clouds” are conventional hosting services trying to piggyback on the popularity of cloud servers. They add the word “cloud” to their name, but offer nothing substantially different from conventional on-site hosting. Many fake clouds actually use ERP systems designed to run on-premise, and entrust the actual hosting to over to … Read more

Why Amazon AWS can be good for Cloud Computing and hosting start-ups

Everyone knows that Amazon has been topping the Cloud charts for public cloud services. Many start-ups are using Amazon AWS for their businesses. The main advantage is the availability to many different types of pricing and the modes of instances. Even for novice users, amazon can help you understand what the cloud computing world is. … Read more

Why Hybrid Clouds can be better than Public and Private Clouds

Hybrid Cloud is better than public and private clouds

Cloud Computing is the answer to many IT questions these days. While most organisations are moving to the cloud in a fast pace, many are still pessimistic about its efficiency and security. The general solution for Cloud Computing starters is Public Clouds. For some major organisations, Private clouds are more secure and trustworthy in their … Read more