Why Amazon AWS can be good for Cloud Computing and hosting start-ups

Everyone knows that Amazon has been topping the Cloud charts for public cloud services. Many start-ups are using Amazon AWS for their businesses. The main advantage is the availability to many different types of pricing and the modes of instances. Even for novice users, amazon can help you understand what the cloud computing world is. By learning what is Amazon AWS Cloud, you can gain knowledge on what type of Cloud you basically need for your business.

CloudPlugged is also hosted on Amazon AWS Clouds. Amazon has invested about 2 billion on using latest cloud technologies for powering Amazon.com. This has been extended to consumers as their infrastructure was underutilised by the company alone. This led to low price as the customers are sharing this with amazon. The Amazon Simple Storage Server (S3) and the Compute Cloud (EC2) are the biggest and best of its cloud. Both individuals and developers can avail the Amazon Cloud at relatively lower pricing than others.

Amazon AWS Cloud Computing Review

AWS is a secure, durable technology platform with industry-recognized certifications and audits: PCI DSS Level 1, ISO 27001, FISMA Moderate, HIPAA, and SAS 70 Type II. The data is always secure and can all be controlled through its central control panel. The main and most significant features of AWS are elasticity and scalability which gives Amazon and its users an edge to add more resources whenever required and to scale their servers with ease.

Though there are outages in the Amazon AWS infrastructure, the uptime achieved is fair enough for the pricing. If you monitor your website daily, you can observe that the uptime is better than others.

The Amazon EC2 is the place where you can start experimenting with Cloud. EC2 has the ability to build an image (AMI) of an existing instance. Once built, you can create any number of clones of your existing instance in just a few minutes. Since it’s a copy, you don’t have to install OS libraries, packages, patches etc. This makes task easier than rebuilding everything and going through tedious installations. You can even create Hybrid Cloud out of Amazon if you master the configurations of Amazon AWS and Cloud Computing.

Amazon has become the biggest cloud hosting provider in the world lately and it still is unbeatable. HP cloud is trying to gain momentum to beat AWS but Amazon might have something up its sleeve.

Amazon has been experimenting new ways of improvising its “Infrastructure-as-a-service” and there have been 19 price cuts in its cloud service pricing so far.

Amazon AWS has an option to create a more secure environment which is not provided by other cloud hosting providers. Possibly Amazon can occupy 90% of the Cloud Hosting Industry in near future. Even though Google has Google Cloud Compute and Microsoft has Azure, Amazon is topping the charts. It already has another new location (Australia) in the world and getting on the cloud with Amazon can be a advantage in an economical way and also in the global cloud industry.

These days Cloud Computing is the answer to everything and Amazon can help us achieve efficiency and scalable cloud solutions through Amazon AWS.

  1. Cloud computing is the use of computing resources (hardware and software) that are delivered as a service over a network (typically the Internet). For example, email. The name comes from the common use of a cloud-shaped symbol as an abstraction for the complex infrastructure it contains in system diagrams. Cloud computing entrusts remote services with a user’s data, software and computation.^

  2. IT service management or IT service support management (ITSM or ITSSM) refers to the implementation and management of quality IT services that meet the needs of the business. IT service management is performed by IT service providers through an appropriate mix of people, process and information technology.-::-

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