Are You Doing a Check on the Hidden Costs and Technical Glitches with the Cloud?

The cloud is everywhere. The term ‘Cloud Computing’ has created much expectations and hype among its anticipants. Many companies are just embracing the cloud without much or a little check on it. However, conscious users have their view on the Cloud that calls for a strong check on the claims and assurance on the various Cloud compliance. Let us peek into some of the ground facts about Cloud computing and different checkpoints.

There are many choices for the buyers, making the cloud model increasingly complex to make an informed purchase decision. Presently, cloud owners are renting the services on hourly use basis. However, choices are more; still you need to do a good test before sending the final purchase order. Run the most heavy and resource consuming application on the cloud and check for the performance.

Machine performance is one major consideration that you must first take into consideration. Given the same RAM capacity and same Operating System, two different cloud models behave and perform separately. This variation in performance is definitely due to the variation in the machine. The chipset used and the different latest versions make the combination more robust and a super-performer.

Another point of importance and a must to check is the pricing. It has always been difficult to price software services. The SAAS model is the backbone of the Cloud business. Data storage and application use are subjected to be recurrently used. So every time your employees plug in to the cloud, you are charged accordingly. Check on the pricing aspect stringently when subscribing to the cloud services.

Users also have found that moving data between different cloud spaces is not that easy. When the amount of data is heavy, the time taken is even more. Every time you move the data that is also a cost to your wallet. Typically, clouds at the present scenarios claim to move data successfully within HOURs!

Security over the cloud has ever been a concern. Cloud compliance always is a first to check. The other understanding is to ensure security compliances over the cloud. Security breach has multiple avenues; and it can be at several access points. At the first instance, it may seem that you own the complete control of your machine; however, this can hold true, if the operating system is secured and the latest software patches are installed and importantly working fine.

Another concern, when we discuss about security is that, compliance over the cloud has yet to have an authority. No one knows the laws perfectly. In such a scenario, however discounted the services may be you must give a second thought before finalizing it.

Businesses now a day are always in a constant threat of survival. New technology and cost-effective services always entice to go for the available options, but in at the stake of your business. Cloud computing definitely is the choice of the moment for better cost management. It is a though, better to cautionary notice to be alert at the checkpoints.

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