Cloud computing for an average user

For a tech savvy person, the idea of cloud computing makes perfect sense. However, there are common people, in millions on that, who are using cloud computing but don’t even know what it means. Though elaborating how this relatively new technology works would defeat the very purpose of this writing, as it would then be filled with tech jargon, yet the benefits an average user, someone who just uses the internet to get information when needed, can get can be explained in a manner that makes sense of what cloud computing can do for them.

First things first

First things first, like the internet, cloud computing is a term assigned to a whole lot of technologies and tools that are aimed at making life easier. Cloud computing doesn’t mean that there are computers chugging along in the cloud and returning you with whatever you want to find out. It simply means that, like the internet, there is a technology that helps you rely on your data being available online, and that you need not carry it with you. It means that the cloud computing services providers will do the heavy lifting for you.

How the process works?

The process is simple: it works with you putting your files online and later accessing them from anywhere with the use of the internet. It can be an online storage locker, an online music streaming service, document collaboration or simple archiving among so many other options. As these are your files, you should have control over them. And this is what makes this technology special. Even though the files are stored on a vendor’s storage online, it is you who has control over them. For example, Google Play Music is a service for its Android mobile phones. It allows users to upload their music collection to Google servers from where it is easily accessible the user. You can stream your music collection, download it and even remove it from online storage.

How secure is it?

Considering we are living in a period in which NSA can snoop in on pretty much everything, security of your data has gained top priority. Most of the cloud computing services offer excellent security. Your data is kept safe and private. Some control over the security of their data is also left up to the users. If they want to share a file, or even a folder, they can. They can even allow other people to make changes to their data (copy it, modify it, delete it, move it around, etc).

 What can you use it for?

You can use it for pretty much anything you like. Cloud computing offers various services, like data storage, desktop replacement applications, music streaming and many others. It can even replace your standard desktop computer software. An average use would use it for data backup, archiving, music streaming, document collaboration, photo sharing and video sharing. Some basic cloud computing services are free like Dropbox, but some charge for specialized services.

Should you go for it?

An average user is already using cloud computing one way or another. The fact that it is pretty much safe and you have control on your information and data, makes it a simple recommendation. It is a cost effective solution for an average user’s needs and with the tech industry bringing new innovations into play, cloud computing seems to be the way to go.