Cloud Computing and Tablets – How they can shape our future

Cloud Computing is the new paradigm of business these days and tablets for technology. They can have profound impact on the enterprise world. Tablets have been on the verge of improving and becoming more user friendly since their inception. We have all sorts of Tablets to take care of our requirements. But when it comes to enterprises and big companies, the requirements are different.

Cloud Computing has been the latest trend for all companies small or big. Every company has its own Public, Private or Hybrid cloud to run its applications, websites or code. The Cloud however can be friendlier when adapted to tablets. Many cloud companies provide their customers with an app to access their cloud from smartphones or tablets. However the no of companies that offer these apps are few and this is what brings a gap between simple cloud control and portable control.

Cloud Computing and Tablets future

If someone has to access your cloud, be it a user, representative, admin or whoever, you need to get to your PC. Often this brings an idea in the end user that Cloud Computing is not any different from traditional computing techniques. When there is an availability of large apps for various cloud and their control, the cloud and its operations become much more effective.

Tablets on the other have become advanced than the way they once were. With the advent of various companies in the field of technology, tablets started to replace smartphone for many users. Tablets are widely used for office work rather than for simple communications. In this ever increasing tech saga, Cloud computing must have its impact on Tablets.

Cloud Computing companies have stooped to the idea that cloud is all about Availability, Scaling and Cheap prices. The fact is, it isn’t. Cloud Computing is all about ease of use, more uptime and a centralised way to plan and manage ‘everything.’

If you have a tablet, the first thing you would do is most probably check your email. If you have a cloud and a tablet, the need arises for simple control of the cloud through yet another simple app. Many Cloud Computing companies fail to produce this effect on the end user leaving them with some king of kind of responsive backend panels that adapt to smartphones and tablets.

Having a responsive backend panel to control your cloud is not efficient. You don’t always fire up a browser, type the address and login and all that crap. You need an app that the end user can always have at hand to maintain his cloud, monitor the cloud and also an easy access using a single sign on.

If cloud computing companies, change the way they are providing services and control, the world will certainly turn towards cloud computing. In fact many companies consider VPS with a SAN storage is Cloud Computing, which is completely wrong. We are missing the basic fact that Cloud must be different than traditional computing services and web hosting. If Cloud can reduce your expenses then technology can bring efficiency. The gap between usability and cloud computing must reduce.