Internet of things and Cloud Computing: What it means

Does the word Internet of things in Cloud Computing surprise you? Well, you shouldn’t, as the following post will assist you to know about it in simple terms.

The Internet of Things refers to the daily objects where they find a perfect platform to communicate in the online world. Similarly, it extends to all the products which are comprehended by human imagination such as thermostats, tennis rackets, toothbrushes and your bed etc. These products gather your data, since you use them. Based on your preference and lifestyle, they accordingly help you to better your life. They do the same by connecting you to an app and helping you by way of reminding you as well as giving you feedback in the process too.

Internet of Things (IoT) is the future of world and it is exactly heading towards it. This can be assured from the concept ranging from smart meter to IBM’s. Besides, the ambition to have smart cities is the more believable part that the world’s heading towards IoT and it has been proven by the smart cities initiatives. IoT includes the basic fundamental of connectivity. Instrumented, intelligent, and connected devices together gave rise to IoT.

The main intention behind Iot is to create a world in which intelligent sensor machines are hooked up with the web or internet in order o provide the people with constant data and information. In other words we can say that this will contribute to global data traffic. This means each and every thing or says million of instruments and devices will be interconnected with unique identification on the web.

For example, in such a fast paced life if you happen to forget about taking your timely medicines, then the medicine bottle would automatically sends an alert in the process. Similarly, in such a busy life with so many tensions and worries, there are often the occasions when we forgot our house keys and life literally comes to a stand still since we can’t move-in or come out of the same. Isn’t it? Therefore, it is indeed quite a welcome relief to embrace the technology which streamlines and systematizes our daily life from turning chaotic. Since, thanks to advanced entry systems you don’t require your keys to get in.

In order to make the future world possible, it is vital that the cloud computing is utilized in an effective manner. So IoT includes the fusion of both digital and physical world. Both must be coordinated simultaneously for an effective and affordable output. IoT includes many technological advantages

What does IoT include?

1. It provides advancement in technology like Wi-Fi, LAN, ZigBee, LTE, 3G and many more.

2. Also very crucial for nanotechnology.

3. Every device will be provided with embedded system.

In short it is related to the atmosphere, where each and every single thing is well connected online. This can be termed as the revolution which albeit in the initial stages, is already transforming the lives of people for the better.

The effect Internet of Things has in business:

Internet of Things create a pleasant different in the business as it reduces the cost by improving efficiency, profitability, customer satisfaction as well as productivity. Internet of Things mainly give an opportunity to think as to how the process (which has been done over a period of time) can be done in a better manner.

Normal days in future! No more:

Internet is evolving very fast and it has become the living entity. Internet of Things is where the world’s future lies.  It has evolved to such a great extent that in future, human-machine and machine-machine will participate on the internet in symbiosis when compared to today’s era where human-human are seen participating on the internet. The transformation is going to be fast and more technical where locating even a simple thing will be made easy via internet that too with unique identification.

This may come as a great benefit for all those people who leave or forget their valuable stuff and later regret for it. So in the coming years will see people living a stress full life without any worries about losing their precious items.

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Estimations so far:

Estimation made by Intel is that, by 2020 around 31 billion devices and 4 million people will be connected to the internet.

According to Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Global Mobile Data Forecast, it is said by 2017 we will see a world with about 1.7 billion machine-machine connections, resulting in the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 36% from 2012 to 2017.

The industries which Internet of Things will have maximum effect

There are certain industries which are highly benefited thanks to advanced and sophisticated outcomes which are the result of this budding technological invention. For example, coming up with collision avoidance systems for cars will automatically reduce the rising accidents. Or a garden center will help in checking over watering etc.

There are following things which businesses should look prior to beginning things with Internet of Things

  • Behavior: There is a need for the businesses to take a look at the behavioral aspect of your customers with regards to product
  • Precautions: The precautions which an entrepreneur needs to take with regards to running the business.
  • Product: How you could better enhance your products and equally deal in cost cutting about the same too.
  • Process: You need to take a look with regards to the process which should be optimized or automated.

Challenging task to achieve IoT:

This will be a challenging task for the IT infrastructure to tackle this as the data generated by these devices will be unpredicted in nature and may create a pressure on IT personals.

This can only be tackled by the dynamic and elastic IT infrastructure like cloud computing. This is because the clouds provide illusion of infinite computing resources. The unpredicted and massive data generated by these devices (from IoT) can be analyzed in the cloud with big data solutions in order to generate info on the pattern of usage and behavior of machines and humans.

So finally what conclusion we can make from this is that the future of the world totally depends on cloud computing and internet of things and hope world’s heading towards it effectively and sooner.

Finally, through the aforesaid post, this is all you need to know about the Internet of Things. Since, you will experience the pleasant difference with the same

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