Office 365: 3 Huge Benefits of using Cloud based Microsoft Office version

The new Office 365 offers many benefits so that the productivity is very much enhanced. The traditional desktop version of Office has some limitations.

Office 365 benefits

The Office 365 gives greater flexibility so that you can make the most of your investment.

1. Security

The sensitive data will be protected and it will be stored in cloud servers in a very efficient manner. You can easily add another layer of security when you switch over to the cloud based Office 365. Small as well as large businesses will be able to manage security compliance and privacy without fail.

The Microsoft-managed service level capabilities such as operational procedures and policies will be enabled by default. They can be customized as per your needs. Microsoft implements robust processes so that the hardware, as well as software will be up-to-date.

As a matter of fact, Microsoft has gained industry leader status in offering cloud security. Applications will be updated on a consistent basis to deliver secure cloud productivity service. The data protection will take place at various levels include physical, logical and data layers.

Office 365 implements advanced threat protection so that your emails will not land into false hands. Data loss prevention is enabled through the custom controls for compliance. It supports data spillage management as well.

2. Maintenance

When you subscribe to Office 365, it is possible to setup Exchange Server, SharePoint Server and Lync infrastructure in an effortless manner. There are many advantages with Office 365 and it offers better platform than desktop subscription.

If you want to implement the same capabilities of Office 365 in terms of servers, network infrastructure and IT personnel, it will be with the desktop system. Even though you deploy sufficient hardware and take up maintenance services, you should want to take up additional tasks such as installation, management, and maintenance tasks.

The entire maintenance aspect will be covered by the Office 365. New updates will be integrated automatically. Upgrades will take place in the background without your knowledge. Even though the server crash event takes place, the replacement of the hardware and the server will be done by the Microsoft.

Thus, there are no headaches in using the Office 365. It will help in improving the productivity of employees. Small businesses will be able to serve the needs of customers without any delay.

3. Access

The access to Office 365 at any time and from anywhere will let you make the most of your time, effort and money. You can access relevant documents, emails, and contacts online. It is possible to access data as per your convenience.

The access is facilitated offline as well. If you are moving to remote locations where internet connection is not present, those files can be saved offline. As soon as you get an internet connection, the data will be synchronized.

More than one user will get access to documents. The access privileges can be offered in various ways. The access can be restricted to view to some users so that they will not be able to modify the data. On the other hand, you can extend user access in a collaborative mode so that more than one user will be able to modify the data in a very efficient way.

Businesses will have better value with SharePoint, Active Directory and other options presented in Office 365. There will be predictable monthly cost and larger mailbox storage. You will not want to sort out software licenses when the service is managed and offered in the best possible way.

Office 365 can be deployed company wide and it can be accessed with various devices including desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

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