Will Softphones Replace Desk Phones?

With the revolutionary changes that technology is giving the business industry in the field of communication, it is foreseen that many developments are yet to happen in the future. Talking about communication, desk phones are considered as a popular tool to communicate. Inside an office, it would be impossible not to see a number of desk phones. But with the recent advancements in technology, are desk phones also endangered of becoming extinct?

deskphoneThe VoIP services offered by unified communication companies also include a new kind of phone called the softphone. Softphone is a software program that allows you to make telephone calls using your computer and the Internet. It appears to be the same with a traditional phone because with just a few clicks, you can also do call transfers, call forwarding or even create call conferences.

But softphones come with advantages over traditional desk phones. With softphones, you can do away with wires and cables. You can free up space and remove eyesores brought about by wires and cables hanging out in the area where you placed your telephone. As long as you have a laptop or desktop computer and a reliable Internet connection, then you’re good to go.

With softphones, you can also lessen your monthly telephone bill. Let’s say you are paying around $30 per month for your phone service and it is supposed to give you free local calling. But the fact that you are paying that amount every month, tells you that these calls are not free at all. When you shift to a softphone all you have to do is register, install the software and start dialing.

If partnered with the right softphone provider package, you can save a lot with long distance calls. The disadvantage of landlines is that it would take too much time getting in touch with the person you’d want to talk to because you have to be routed to many different tolls. With this set up, you might acquire big charges or you’d always worry about expensive “minutes”.

Calling overseas using your softphone would only cost you a few dollars compared to using your traditional phone. People using their landlines in calling overseas would usually budget their talking time because of they might incur big charges for the call. Installing a softphone allows you to call anyone, anywhere in the world just as long as you get the right plan.

Also, there is no need for you to worry about changing numbers in case you move your residency because with softphones, you can bring your number with you.

However, despite these advantages, most companies still choose to use traditional desk phones. Many users are still comfortable using desk phones since it is simple and it is the easiest way to make and receive calls. This familiarity with desk phones is proven even if you’re going to trace it back to decades ago. According to AlaaSayeed in the article “Do Enterprises want to dump the desk phone for a softphone?” 80 percent of worldwide office workers are desk-bound majority of the time so it would be impractical to convert them to UC clients.

Thus, it would be challenging for UC companies to provide the needs of different companies. There are companies that choose to have a mixed environment, others choose to be UC clients, others use cellular phones only and others still use traditional phones.

There’s no need to worry though because there are companies that can provide your needs, whatever these are. A RingCentral business phone plan for example, offers both desk phones and softphones for your business.

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