8 Cloud Hosting Benefits That Can Enhance the Effectiveness of Your Online Business

Website designing and hosting are the two fundamental aspects that will get you the benefits that come from being online. Depending on how you put these two aspects into perspective and the decisions that you make, you can either enhance the performance of your online business or jeopardize it. These are so many webhosting plans present today that offer different features ranging from cost to complete control of server space.  One such hosting arrangement is the cloud system. In the past two years, the popularity of the cloud system has grown rapidly permeating every business sphere there is.

The benefits that cloud hosting brings bridges on the two most popular hosting plans present today-dedicated server and shared hosting. Compared to each of these, cloud hosting appears to be superior and outstanding in its features and benefits. Below are some of the benefits that can accrue to your business by putting in place cloud hosting arrangements:

Relatively Cheaper

This is arguably one of the most watched after elements whenever the discussion about webhosting is brought into the picture. There are many companies that offer hosting services and they charge differently depending on how they package their products. Cloud hosting is a complete deal maker in the sense that it gives quality hosting services matching those of the dedicated server buy at a fraction of the cost. This makes it an all time favorite.


From time to time based on the expansion plans of the business, you may a product or two that may require additional pages on your site. This means more files and more data is added that weighs on the server space. This will call for scaling of the activities and the hosting plan to accommodate them. Other service providers make it very difficult to have your upgrade done and this can lead to inconveniences. This is mostly the case with shared hosting. Cloud hosting comes in to solve this particular issue by allowing you to upgrade using a user friendly control panel. The upgrade is also instant.

Excellent Backup System

Using cloud hosting, it is very easy to do back-ups of all that you need stored. Cloud hosting has so far been rated as the best when it comes to file back-up and retrieval. The control panel through which you initiate the back-up is very user friendly thereby requiring no technical expertise to handle it. This ensures that all your files are safe and just in case of any disaster, you can always have a place when you can retrieve you data for continuity purposes.


Unlike the rigid nature of shared hosting plans, cloud hosting stands as a very flexible system through which you can swiftly move to a more powerful server as your need for space and increase. This flexibility means that you spend time working on your core business functions without worrying about space and your site’s server performance.

The Level of Security

Data security is very crucial when you handle things over the internet and cyber space. Especially when it comes to organisational Big data, even a slight mistake can expose all the data that you have which can be very dangerous because it could be used against you by your competitors. Compared to a shared hosting server plan, cloud hosting has better and more advanced security features. The degree of privacy that your files are accorded online makes it very difficult to have any other person access them. This gives the user peace of mind.

The Degree of Control

Cloud hosting gives the web owner administrative or rather what is known as root access to the panel from which he can alter and configure the things that he wants customized. This benefit only comes from dedicated servers but not shared hosting plans. The ability to install and uninstall programs makes you to be in charge in managing the affairs of your site and server space.

Isolation from Other Users

Unlike shared hosting, cloud hosting gives you monotony and independence where you can do your own things without inconveniencing another person. No one can slow down your server run time in cloud hosting in fact this is one of the reasons that make sites that run on cloud hosting to have a reliable server uptime.

Server Performance

Cloud hosting has an amazing server performance and based on your plan, you can have whatever resources you need uploaded without affecting the speed and functionality of the server. This will translate into superior site performance and the site user satisfaction index will definitely go up.

John Edward is a freelancer and researcher. He specializes in writing of reviews online concerning the performance of some technologies and products such as cloud hosting, mobile apps and many others. His name appears in some reviews of iPage where he critically analyses internet related topical issues.