6 Tips on Improving Cybersecurity for Your Remote Workforce

Remote opportunities are changing the face of the workforce. Telecommuting is a boon for plenty of employees who want more flexibility balancing their work and private life, and it benefits businesses by offering them leverage to recruit the best talent regardless of where they’re located. But connecting your work force via the internet means that … Read more

[ Bitcoin vs IOTA ] : Key differences & understanding Tangle vs Blockchain

Bitcoin and IOTA are similar! That’s the general perception but they are not exactly same if you dig deeper. Bitcoin works with Blockchain while IOTA works with Tangle. What is the difference between Bitcoin – IOTA and Tangle – Blockchain?  Let us give you a brief explaining of these terms and make you are more comfortable … Read more

Bitcoin (Blockchain Technology) – Explained like I’m five!


Bitcoin Blockchain has been the destination for crypto currency lovers including multi national companies. While not everyone is into Bitcoin, lot’s of people are willing to buy some Bitcoin and stash it for the future. Bitcoin is based on the blockchain technology. We can learn about this tech anywhere in Google. But, What if you … Read more

Kaspersky Antivirus is not stealing your data – Stop believing rumors!


I’ve been a user of Kaspersky Antivirus and Kaspersky Security products for quite some time. The comments made on Kaspersky about stealing your data are mere allegations. Do you have a concrete proof? Did you see Kaspersky stealing data or anything in its policies? If not, why spread the false idea? Many other antivirus companies … Read more

Does your site need a content delivery network(CDN)?

What is CDN

Never heard of the word CDN (content delivery network), don’t worry. I will explain what exactly a CDN is, how it works and do you require a CDN for your website. By the end of this article, all these questions will be answered in complete detail, and you will finally know that is CDN suitable … Read more

Cloud Computing Basic Concepts and Technologies Explained

Cloud Computing Business Models

Cloud Computing has many benefits than what we can expect or see. In fact Cloud Computing has changed the way we interact with our trending technologies. The Cloud is the next big frontier of innovation and the rising number of Cloud Services and Cloud Providers proves it sufficiently.  Information Technology field is like a sea … Read more

Office 365: 3 Huge Benefits of using Cloud based Microsoft Office version

Office 365 benefits

The new Office 365 offers many benefits so that the productivity is very much enhanced. The traditional desktop version of Office has some limitations. The Office 365 gives greater flexibility so that you can make the most of your investment. 1. Security The sensitive data will be protected and it will be stored in cloud … Read more

Internet of things ( IoT ) brings revolution to smart homes – How it works

IoT Smart Home

It is calculated that by 2020 the number of things connected to each other will be 50 billion, which is more than 7 times the world human population. A network of connected things called the Internet of Things is definitely the revolution humans are waiting for. Although the aftereffects of such a revolution are still … Read more

How much reliance on Cloud Computing for Big Data can be too much

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way corporate data and personal information is stored over the internet. Various solutions provided by cloud computing has led people to store their organizational data as big data over the cloud instead of investing time, money and physical space in data storage centers. At individual and organizational levels, everyone is … Read more