Internet of things ( IoT ) brings revolution to smart homes – How it works

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It is calculated that by 2020 the number of things connected to each other will be 50 billion, which is more than 7 times the world human population. A network of connected things called the Internet of Things is definitely the revolution humans are waiting for.

Although the aftereffects of such a revolution are still under a lot of speculation but a series of inter connected things communicating with each other will make our world a smarter place to live. This being smarter revolution will start from our homes and eventually making our homes Smart Homes.

IoT Smart Home

The question is what is essentially a Smart Home? What attributes will make or living places smart or smarter? Everything in our home communicating with the outer world and each other is possibly the answer to this question.

How IoT works in Smart Homes:

Imagine our refrigerator placing an order for groceries at the nearest super market once the refrigerator is empty. Another scenario would be our TV communicating with new agencies to bring you the latest news from the corners of the world. Electronic appliances functioning automatically are definitely a smarter way to live.

Several such factors will be made possible by the implementation of Internet of Things within the walls of our abode. Devices connected through IoT can be used to monitor and control the electrical, mechanical and electronic systems used in various housing societies and communities.

Also, IoT will be extremely helpful in reducing the energy consumption of a household. IoT devices will be integrated with all sorts of energy consuming devices and effective communication with the electricity provider firm will result in regulated power supply thus leading to reduced wastage of energy. Optimized usage of energy throughout our homes will be facilitated by effective implementation of Internet of Things.

IoT will also enable you to monitor and regulate your house as a whole from a remote location. Cloud based services and Internet connectivity will ensure that you have access to the vital attributes of your home even when you are vacationing in an upstate beach town.

While enjoying a sun bath you can control the heating mechanism, kitchen appliances, lighting conditions of your house. Some electric systems which allow you to control electric outlets are already available in the market. Home based energy management is one vital area IoT will bring major changes to.

Home automation is particularly the field which is to be revolutionized by the inception of Internet of Things. Devices connected to each other and an outside network will facilitate major changes in the functioning of household articles. Home security will observe enhanced strengthening with remote surveillance and central locking of all boundaries, doors and windows.

Sensors operating through IoT will also be helpful in detecting leakage and gas emissions in the house. Carbon monoxide and smoke detection will ensure better breathable and healthy air inside the house.

However despite high utility there are certain limitations and risks involved with home automation powered by IoT. During the initial phase these services will be extremely expensive thus reducing the number of households which can afford it.

Also, as the homes will be connected to a public network the security concerns pertaining to any public network will apply to home automation too.