Cloud Security for the Cost effective business – Symantec Whitepaper

Cloud Security is the foremost and essential part of Cloud Computing. However, it is also the costliest part of Cloud Computing. Securing your Cloud applications and servers is an essential and crucial part of your day to day buysiness operations. In  order to assess security and its requirement for your particular business can be a … Read more

Top 10 Cloud Based Free Website Monitoring Tools to check Cloud Uptime

Cloud Website Monitoring and Cloud Hosting can surely increase your website’s uptime, but there are some cases where even the Cloud Services are down. Some Free Website monitoring services have downtime issues while some are very costly. There are free open source based website uptime monitoring tools but the limitation is that they need to be installed … Read more

Cloud Based Identity and Access management whitepaper -CA Technologies

Cloud Based Identity and Access management is something that simplifies an organisation or industries interaction with it’s customers. The Cloud Identity and Access management is as simple as “Sign in to the Cloud once, utilise your credentials everywhere”. This particular concept can be for applications, projects and eve across websites. Simplification of this process can be achieved through Cloud … Read more

Cloud Based Data Archiving vs Legacy Traditional Archiving -Whitepaper

Data storage in the Cloud can be cheap to some extent, but data backup and archiving can be cumbersome and costly. The lack of a good cloud backup strategy and backup providers is the main reason that withholds new customers from the cloud. This whitepaper from proof point deals with the general differences involved in Cloud based archiving vs traditional archiving. … Read more

Cloud Computing in Application Management and Deployment – Whitepaper

This white paper from HP deals with Cloud Computing and use of Cloud Computing role in Application Management and deployment. If you have an App that is used for your business / Organisation you need too learn why the Cloud is the best place to deploy it. This whitepaper is a lot informative and guides … Read more

Cloud Computing based PC Gaming Services for Windows 8 are in process.

Windows 8 Cloud Gaming Services by Agawi

Cloud based gaming platform Agawi, formerly iSwifter has come up with a new idea of using Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing platform to serve games for Windows 8 PC’s and tablets. The games that were created for non-windows platforms can also be played on Windows 8 supported devices. The Facebook online games will also be brought … Read more

Why the Future of Cloud Computing is Open Source- Red Hat Whitepaper

Cloud Computing: What are Public Private and Hybrid Clouds ?

 The Future of Cloud Computing is in the hands of Open Source. Public Clouds, Private Clouds and Hybrid Clouds, all will be powered by Open Source. The flexibility and inter-operation  is best only in Open Source. Unless we follow the path of open Source, we cannot succeed with Cloud Computing. Here is an excellent whitepaper by Red Hat on “Why … Read more

Reducing Energy Consumption and costs in Cloud Computing – Whitepaper

Cloud Computing has one main drawback, Energy Consumption. Cloud Consumption is never environment friendly. In order to cut down Energy Consumption and Cloud Costs thereby increasing availability, CA Technologies has provided us with this whitepaper which basically provides five main points to reduce energy consumption in the Cloud.

DropBox vs Google Drive vs Sky Drive vs Box: Cloud Storages Compared

Cloud Storage is important for every internet user. With Cloud Computing increasing globally, there are many Free Cloud Storage providers. Free cloud storage is a good way to penetrate into the Cloud Computing industry without any extra effort. With good backend security and front end GUI, a Cloud solution provider can always make a huge … Read more

Welcome to The Cloud Computing Daily

Hello Cloud Aspirant, This website is our newest addition to our set of news portals. The Cloud is the future of many organisations and corporations in the internet. It is the complex integration of various systems to form pool of resources to be available at a reasonable price. Cloud Computing on the other hand can … Read more