Characteristics of a Good VoIP Phone Service

voip-serviceAs a small business owner, you might have already heard about VoIP. You might have seen or read advertisements about this advanced communication technology. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, from its inception, has now become a very popular alternative to traditional phone systems because it is inexpensive and packed with advanced features and functions. It allows voice calls to be facilitated through the Internet, which makes it better and cheaper.

There are many service providers parading themselves and claiming that they are the best in the industry. Some claim they are the top, or even the leading. Whatever the word used, a good VoIP phone service is one that can provide small businesses essential office communication solutions. If you are thinking of installing a business phone in your office, then it is important that you choose the best VoIP phone service.

One of the characteristics of a good VoIP phone service is that it comes with excellent customer service. While VoIP phones do not come with huge equipment, thus requiring less maintenance, it is still very important that your provider has a dependable and always available customer support. This way whenever technical problems arise, it can be resolved immediately.

VoIP service providers charge differently based on the number of extensions, lines, and numbers you need in your office. So it is crucial that you determine and assess the needs of your office. One way is to consider how many employees you have and how many work stations would need their direct phone line. Take note however that everybody might need their own extension line. Moreover, there are service providers that offer new phone numbers. To minimize future hassle, choose a service provider that can allow you to retain your existing phone number. Also, it would be very helpful if you take note of the frequency and type of call transactions that your employees make. This will show you what office phone features and functions you need to include in your package.

There are several features and functions that many VoIP service providers offer to small business owners. These include call forwarding, caller ID, automatic response system, call block and voicemail. But many service providers offer additional features in their efforts to entice more customers and keep up with their competition. These include voicemail transcription, smartphone integration, eFax messaging, Internet conferencing, and conference calling. While these are additional features, it is important that you ask whether these can be included in the regular package or would you have to purchase them separately.

With the long list of VoIP service providers out there, these providers have many strategies of attracting customers. Aside from offering additional features, they also offer varied options on call prices. Others even have unlimited calls and data packages on selected locations. With VoIP, it is definitely possible that small business owners can save a lot of money from telecommunications costs. But keep in mind that you should consider your budget along with your office communication needs. It will not be right to purchase the cheapest VoIP service but end up having an unreliable and unstable VoIP phone at the office.

Before choosing the right VoIP service, ask around and know more about existing providers like RingCentral, among many others. Read reviews, check out customer testimonials and come up with a comparison of several service providers before you make your choice.

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