5 Ways Cloud is Utilized for Marketing

There are many forms now of marketing apart, given the opportunities led by digital marketing. For marketers, the cloud is one way to execute campaigns and be successful given the limited resources it requires. In this article, we will tackle five ways on how the cloud is utilized for marketing, making it an enabler for end users to remember your products and aid them to the new marketing landscape in general.

1. Communication

Offline communications are still used by many companies but to be more cost-efficient, interaction and collaborations made through the cloud can save marketers a lot. They don’t need to run cold calls and waste their time talking to untargeted participants. The cloud paves the way for these marketers to share information on the web globally with the cost of paying only for the storage cost of the online server, the storage space of the application and the Internet connection. This enhances interaction with outside suppliers and also enables them to streamline their activities with other constituents in the business.

2. Accessibility

Marketing should be not done alone when onsite in the workplace as a marketer is somehow required to carry the name of the brand or the company wherever he or she goes. In the same way, cloud offers accessibility for people to deploy marketing communications very quickly, as the cloud is geographically diverse. One thing to consider though is the reliability of the vendor’s services. It should be guaranteed that data can be accessed anywhere and anytime and with the use of any device.

3. Reviewing Priorities

When team members of the marketing group constantly review their tasks and priorities published on the cloud, they save more time at handling marketing activities. They won’t be any lagged behind in projects as they would know the tasks that are accomplished, pending and are planned ahead. The cloud features scheduling calendar tasks and this can be viewed using mobile gadgets to streamline access to information.

Cloud Computing

When working against tight deadlines, marketers can utilize apps like Asana which makes sure that each member of the marketing team completes his or her tasks on time. It is all about pushing productivity among the group by providing notifications thru emails and reminders to be sensitive on time. Again, these tasks can be prioritized by importance accordingly.

4. On-the-Fly Product information

One of the most utilized features of the cloud is its ability to safely and securely store data. Yes, privacy in the cloud has been much debated about and now security settings have gone past their infancy stages. The cloud architecture can guarantee safety in regard to privacy of information stored and there are no worries about this information to be lost, misplaced, misfiled or destroyed as they are saved online.

All these information can be viewed from the cloud and marketers can track the statuses of their leads and track more potential customers in their own channels. They can also view product information and related recommendations on their products while on the go, without needing any IT support at their back. Marketers on the field end talking to customers can have better product recall as well, thereby fostering good competition against other counterparts. They can even gain new insights new insights from Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, blogs, etc.

5. View Marketing Analytics

Just like the ability to view leads and other information related to products and clients, marketers can also view marketing analytics through applications installed on the cloud. In the cloud, it is possible for digital marketers to view and analyse these metrics without even going through complicated user interfaces or servers. One example is Google’s spread sheet, where a username and password are all that’s required to collaborate on the same data with team members simultaneously. And analysis on the data can be provided by creating a document to report and jot down results.


Companies these days have been integrating their processes to the cloud. As a powerful platform, cloud computing technologies incorporates many features for marketers to utilize analytics program, storage applications and collaboration tools to get information about products, promotional materials and their target market with greater ease. But these improvements and innovations in the Marketing realm will not, in any way, be effective when negative marketing comes from the products being endorsed to your end users. It all boils down to quality, no matter how strong your marketing is when you command to recall product (lemons), no positive marketing can hide this truth from your consumers. Make sure your product is worth marketing before you even market it.

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