Cloud Computing Solutions For Your Office That You May Be Missing Out On

Business offices the world around are just beginning to discover the tremendous value that cloud computing can have for their operations. They can save valuable space on the hard drive by allowing people to save their data “in the cloud,” where it can also be shared with fellow staff members, wherever they may be, through PC or mobile. Your own office may be missing any number of useful cloud computing solutions, of which some are described below.


Qnectus offers the kinds of cloud computing solutions designed to increase your productivity. Each of its solutions is described briefly below.

Qnectus Cloud Desktop

Here is desktop as a service — all of the benefits that you can get from any desktop infrastructure and none of the risks commonly associated therewith. As with all cloud computing solutions, you do not need to install any special hardware in order to be able to take advantage of it. You also do not have to spend large amounts of money replacing computer systems that have become obsolete; the monthly costs per user are quite predictable. Qnectus Cloud Desktop provides customer support 24/7, thus eliminating the need to hire a team of employees to take care of things in case they go wrong — nor, for that matter, to install the software or any updates to it, since this task can be performed remotely. Additional costs for connecting employees and stakeholders around the globe are another expense that is non-existent. And since no data is stored on mobile phones or other physical devices, none is lost if such a thing should happen to any of those devices. Hosted mail, Microsoft Office Suite, two gigabytes of storage space and the latest version of the Windows operating system are all included, and they can be customized to fit the needs of any kind of customer. Finally, it is possible to place permission levels on the amount of access that any employee has to company data.

Qnectus Cloud Platform

This solution falls under two categories — “platform as a service” and “infrastructure as a service;” it configures the various parts of the system — the network, the CPU, the memory and the storage — in the exact way that suits the needs of each of Qnectus’s individual clients. Security is “state of the art” — keyboard access to the data center is restricted and access points are completely monitored through video surveillance. Environmental safeguards are in place, too, including raised flooring to regulate the flow of air and gas fire suppression systems.

Qnectus Disaster Recovery

Added to the list of “as a service” categories of cloud services is disaster recovery as a service — and Qnectus Disaster Recovery goes into that slot. With this solution, data is continually backed up, minute by minute, and you will have access to all the resources that you need in case fire, vandalism, a flood or any other disaster causes your physical machines to be destroyed. Lost files can also be recovered at any time. All of this for only $99 per month!


C3 Cloud (the 3 is written as an exponent in the logo) provides cloud computing and on-site services for its clients. These include virtual servers and virtual desktops. Their servers provide high-performance storage, which in the near future will be expanded even further to include SSD storage options; and there are even more advanced features such as High Availability and Distributed Resource Scheduling. Virtual desktops, rather than being managed at the location of the end user, are managed from a central location. The capabilities of such technology can even go beyond that of a physical desktop PC.

Cloud computing does more than save hard-drive storage space and reduce the risk of data loss. It also makes it easier for employees to share files with each other and to show the changes they make to individual files, with nothing but access to the Internet being necessary. Most important, the existence of cloud computing makes possible the global expansion of businesses on a scale such as has never been seen before.

Rosa Smith uses a a cloud when working remotely on her personal blog. Cloud computing soluions from Profit Bricks are a great way to customize your businesses cloud network to fit your needs.