Cloud Introduces Seismic Changes In Medicine Industry

After the inception of cloud concept into IT, almost every industry has met a new revolution, as cloud has shown them alternative ways to meet the desired results by providing software-as-a-service (SaaS) IT models. Today not only the business and marketing firms are getting the help of cloud computing to get what they want, but other core industries are also implementing the cloud model. Even the medical and life sciences sector is not untouched with this technology. As this is a very large sector with several units, so it needs proper interaction among these units for a frequent and error free functioning of the whole industry.

cloudYou might have heard about several scams related to life sciences and medical industry that include theft of intellectual property rights and certain other lawful concerns. All these cases are happening due to the lack of appropriate technology that should be used in such a sensitive industry. Though developed nations are using the modern technologies into the medical sector, still there are certain drawbacks in the existing technologies. Major drawbacks are associated with less productivity and high expenditure. That is why medical and life sciences sector is looking for a superior technology that can enhance the productivity at reasonable cost and also facilitate a suitable collaboration among various units of the industry to fill the communication gap and totally eradicate the possible blunders.

Chief trends introduced by the cloud technology into the medical and life sciences sector are mentioned as below.

Tailored Medicines and Services

Cloud computing provides a digital channel so that medical and life sciences companies can easily get in touch with patients and other units of the sector. Medical and life sciences companies can easily collaborate with other stake holders, their business partners, diagnostic firms and physicians to get the regular updates related to the patients progress.

Depending on the life circumstances of the consumers, life sciences and medical companies can swiftly communicate with them and provide required support on time. This ultra-modern technology can help the medical companies to quickly find out the exact data from the various types of data available into their database to easily resolve the health issues of the patients.

Cloud-based solutions can provide more effective ways to sales representatives of life sciences and medical companies to produce quick and positive results. Health content or the marketing proposal of life sciences companies can fruitfully resonate among the desired audiences.

This is by how cloud technology can effectively support the industry to achieve its goal and serve the mankind with a better approach.

Better Research & Development

Cloud provides a healthier environment in that supports various enterprises of life sciences and medical industry to have an effective teamwork among them for positive results. This helps in better research and development of new products and services.

Ensembl, genome browser tool of European Bioinformatics Institute is an example that how cloud technology is helpful to this industry. The institute has moved its browser to cloud environment so that it can quickly access the required information.

Such collaboration of enterprises presents a smooth platform to outsource R&D that is a growing trend in technology world which radically diminishes the cost of services. Through a protected channel an enterprise can effectively access the virtual laboratory with the help of any machine that is connected to an internet connection. This virtual laboratory is formed by the collaborating enterprises. Staffs of this virtual laboratory are contract workers from various research institutes.

Enhancing Global Opportunities

Demanding global markets present an opportunity to life sciences and medical enterprises to create new partnerships across the globe with the help of cloud technology. It would be advantageous for each of the firm that is a part of this partnership. Through these partnerships, life sciences and medical firms can access the substantial data which is gathered from records of patients, physicians and R&D institutes. Cloud facilitates a proper channel for gathering and consumption of data that lies in an omnipresent environment so that it could be effectively accessed by the patients and physicians and create a healthy relation among them. The data in this omnipresent environment is owned by some of the leaders that have the authority to manage and analyze the whole content.

If the enterprise is serving globally then it needs to be super global and meanwhile it also has to be the super local. For this, thanks to cloud technology that allows a global data flow. Global system used by enterprises is easily accessible from any remote location across the globe and it provides a consistent user experience throughout the environment. On other hand separate systems can only support regional access.

A Concluding Note

Global cloud environment makes the supply chain more proficient and derives a new era of growth in the medical sector. By enhancing R&D and marketing functions cloud technology is prepared to help the medical firms to attain their objective of superior health services.

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By Aditi Tyagi

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