How Media And Entertainment Will Benefit From Cloud Computing

As different areas of business are beginning to embrace the cloud and the advantages it offers, the media will be the next big shift into cloud computing. Like many people when first introduced to the idea of cloud computing, the media and entertainment industry has been hesitant because of concerns over privacy and security.

These issues can be a major concern for media and entertainment because of the need to guard intellectual property rights and protect unreleased movies, music and novels. The use of public cloud services may seem intimidating but the cloud can offer important benefits for media and entertainment while still being completely secure.

Media Industry

Companies in the media and entertainment industry are faced with many new challenges to maintain their consumer audiences and push to grow profits. Cloud computing can offer benefits to help media companies remain competitive and better manage workflows to improve how they run. The cost savings provided by cloud computing can help media with decreased labor, inventory and capital expenses.

Cloud computing can also open up opportunities for collaboration that can provide special benefits for those in this industry. With careful planning and good security practices, the cloud can be equally as secure as the traditional framework making it possible to experience the benefits without any concerns about the safety of data.

Collaboration Using Cloud Computing

One of the biggest advantages for people working in media and entertainment is to use cloud computing to collaborate within companies or with creative talent across the world. The cloud opens up doors to hand off projects to other creators to expand collaborative efforts.

Current advancements can even allow real-time collaboration in order to work with colleagues across different cities on the same project frame-by-frame with full compositing and visual integration.

Digital Distribution and Post Production

An important reason for media and entertainment companies to move to the cloud is to create streaming and downloadable digital products at a high quality that consumers demand. With the cloud, companies can easily scale up or down to give users a quality experience even when there is a spike in online traffic.

Cloud technologies can improve user experience and prevent them from dealing with movies or TV shows which stutter or shut down. The cloud can also make it easier for entertainment companies to work in post-production because of its unlimited capacity for computing power and storage on demand. Companies can work with CGI, animation renderings and video encoding applications using the cloud’s faster transfer of data and ability to process huge files.

Improved Collaboration

The use of cloud computing can improve collaboration, distribution and production for media and entertainment companies while also lowering costs. Finding a provider that offers strong security will make the transition to the cloud an even easier choice to make for people working in this industry.

It will not be long before media and entertainment begins to fully embrace cloud computing as their technology of choice in the same way that so many other businesses already have.

Leo Hart is a cloud computing expert who specializes in deploying virtual dedicated servers for Custom Cloud.