Exciting Features Of Cloud Email Hosting For Your Business

The cloud based system has brought in lots of features that have revolutionized many business functions in the 21st century. Looking at life before and after, you can clearly tell the difference in the way websites, email services and online storage features work. The speed and convenience are just some of the notable features of the cloud system.

Email has replaced the post box that used to be so dear to us. Businesses can now communicate faster on email facilities and this has in turn led to improved business function and performance. The cloud system has come in to take the email services a notch higher.

Cloud email hosting as it is popularly known has lots of features that are of great benefit to your business. Read along to see how each of them could fit into your business and increase corporate productivity:

Personalized business email ID

Companies both large and small find it rather expensive to deploy hosted email solutions on their own premises. This would mean having the equipment and the personnel necessary to ensure everything is up and running. This is very costly and can have a massive impact on your bottom line.

Cloud email hosting is not only affordable, but also a great resource tool for corporate entities and small businesses. The end user is given admin controls so they can log in and check their mails and tweak some features as they wish. It also gives technical support systems and a host of other features that make the entire emailing experience an exciting one.

Email Branding Services

There are times that you would have liked for the emails that you send to show your company logo. Cloud email hosting services ensure that you achieve this through a customized login page that allows your employees to login from and get only the updates that they have permitted access to. In addition, it gives you an opportunity to upload your logo and brand your email features to reflect your company theme.

IMAP & POP3 with SSL

. This makes your business email management easy through email programs such as Thunderbird, Gmail, Outlook and others that you can put as shortcut icons on your desktop.

,Spam Free and Highly Secured

Online security is an essential aspect that any online dealings need to incorporate. Through the uses of secured logins such as “https” where it means secured, cloud based email hosting guarantees safety from unauthorized entry and mail interceptions.

Powerful Admin Controls

Equipped with an easy to use control panel, cloud email hosting solutions enable you to efficiently manage your company’s email services even from a remote location. You can add email IDs of new staff members and even delete others that you may not wish to have on your system. You can also restrict incoming and outgoing emails. Administrators can also set password policies that would necessitate members to change their email passwords after certain durations.

Viral infections and malicious software

One outstanding benefit of the cloud based system is the protection against cyber attacks and malicious software. This is very important because emails contain lots of useful and company sensitive information that can be exposed just like that. It can jeopardize the entire business operations. There is powerful antivirus software that scans files before downloading and uploading to ensure that the communication path is free from viral attacks.

Remote Access

This is a great feature that comes with cloud email hosting. You can access your emails from whichever location you are in. This gives you flexibility and roaming features like no other. You do not have to be in your office premises in order to access your mails. It is also convenient and makes business operations easier and faster.

Storage Facilities

Cloud storage is one of the most efficient ways in which you can upload and safely store your files. The cloud storage space is virtually limitless, meaning that you can store huge business files with a lot of ease. When it comes times to retrieve them, it is also faster and seamless. This gives you an excellent back up for all of your email communications and retrievals where necessary.

Brian Albright is a cloud server administrator. He loves anything cloud-based and has developed an insatiable interest in these systems. He writes a lot of articles and distributes them to directories and sites such as Web Hosting Provider List.

Photo by Dana Moos