Mobile Cloud Computing: A Promising Business Avenue for Mobile Network Providers

Cloud computing and mobile computing when combine with each other; go beyond their traditional capabilities that could turn the whole scenario of computing and communication services. Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) is an evolving and potential technology for mobile services. The primary aim of mobile cloud computing is to integrate both the models to overcome the following obstacles;

Performance Related Obstacles:

Issues such as limited storage space, dying bandwidth, and smaller battery life will have no significance in the mobile cloud computing environment.


When we say environment, mobile cloud computing will ensure the ultimate scalability, heterogeneity, and high and uninterrupted availability.



Reliability and privacy of data and information are obvious in the MMC environment.

Well, what are there at the consumers or users level or for businesses? Endless free phone line is definitive thoughts. However, mobile cloud computing is bringing with it numerous business opportunities for mobile network operators. Verizon, Vodafone, and Orange are some of the names, which have already started offering their network services for clod computing to companies. Global mobile application market is expected to grow to be worth $24.4 billion by the year 2015. This figure is sufficient for smart observers to predict the future trend.

Let us see what potential sectors MMC is going to create.

Mobile Learning (M-Learning):

E learning has now become mobile. More and more users are now accessing text, content, online classrooms on the go. M-learning is going to be portable, any-time, and any-where. However, companies need to think on the certain aspects, such as costly smartphones or mobile devices, network cost, need for improved transmission rate, and high availability of all educational course content.

Mobile Healthcare:

Mobile cloud computing can add significantly to improve the present state of e-healthcare services. The sector has seen some developments in the form of remote healthcare assistance, better diagnosis, and more available options. However, there are certain concern areas as well that constantly pose challenges to its smooth functioning, such as storage issues, confidentiality and privacy of information, and errors. With innovative mobile cloud computing models, these issues will get definitive resolution.

Mobile Cloud Computing possesses lots of potential to diverse business entities. Many businesses have already started reaping the benefit by offering storage space, services, applications, infrastructures through cloud business models. The next big billion dollar opportunity will be the communication network offering. However, one major aspect is that network service providers need to strengthen the service offering with faster service, uninterrupted availability, and most importantly cost-effectiveness.

The prediction is also supported by the fact that in the coming times, with the launch of more less expensive mobile devices, more and more people will go for adopting them. Many mobile manufacturing companies have already started offering 25GB or 50GB of cloud space as their free offer. Once the users get used to the usage of cloud in their day to day life, there is no end of creating more and more business avenues. And, consumers will also not hesitate to adopt them.

Government, industries, academia; all will join the cloud to get the best out of it. The ever emerging trend of mobile cloud computing will, certainly in near future, call for strong authority and regulations by the policy makers to keep things transparent and more efficient.