Practical Systems for Telecommuter Companies

telecomThere are certain industries where companies could be capable of rendering services to other businesses without having to go through the traditional channels of delivering value to their customers. These are business where the services being rendered do not involve the active participation of physical elements like equipment, vehicles, implements and the like.

Although there could be material evidences of documents or work files that could show customers what has already been accomplished by those they have contracted like conceptual designs, diagrams, drawings, images and the like, the delivery of such services could otherwise be executed online. Collaborative work between designers, engineers and those coordinating with them as contracted pros therefore could be made to happen via telecommuter work set-ups. Companies that offer such services therefore could very well conduct business and offer value delivery as telecommuter companies and then configure the various tech systems and infra to make themselves viable as such.

Compatible systems

There are currently existing technologies to carry out telecommuter services to businesses that design-think or creative services companies could consider employing for their operations. These are highly reliable technologies whose systems could be created without much neither cost nor time consumed for the setting up of their various high-tech components.

Naturally, such companies would need to have the necessary basic equipment to enable designers and engineers to do their work in alternative locations like their homes, telecenter hubs, cafes and other venues where strong broadband connections could be found. An online phone system created with the help of a competent VoIP provider equips the telecommuter company with a high degree of telecom connectivity that could also function compatibly with an IT infra that is capable of transmitting work files to and fro as projects proceed henceforth.

Telecommuter companies could be served well by the presence of desktop and laptop computers with all the suitable and necessary licensed softwares and apps that its designers and engineers could use. Mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and phablets could also be used as extension networks so that all business VoIP features and functionalities become more useful to design/engineering teams even in mobile work situations. The telecommuter company’s capability to enable smooth collaborative work between its people and its customer companies also need to be seriously addressed by requisite tech systems.telecom1

Specific tech

The specific tech platforms to accomplish specific tasks are what make telecommuter companies efficient in delivering business-to-business service value to their customers. Design-think and engineering companies collaborating with contracting companies therefore have to have their tech systems down pat and ready to ideate, create, hone and perfect work and deliver these online all within specified schedule. The tech platforms for these are as follows:

  • Cloud computing software and apps. Licensed software that allows designers/engineers and contracting parties to view, discuss over, and work on together online in real-time all at the same time. Regardless of where each party might be located at any given time, these softwares and apps must be available to all those in participation so as to enable everyone to be “on the same page.” Cloud storage apps allow people to share files securely while making work files readily accessible to those with authorized access to them.
  • Broadband connection and a 4-line IP phone system. A strong broadband connection for quick web access is also necessary along with a 4-line IP phone system that could accommodate call forwarding among team members. This small business VoIP system could also carry out call conferences even in a mobile work situation with the aid of a smartphone.
  • Retail telecom system and eCommerce infra. An online payment system to go with a retail telecom infra is also necessary for telecommuter companies to have so that collections on payments could become more efficient and professionally done.

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