Characteristics of Cloud Computing

Information technology has advanced greatly in recent years due to the development of new hardware and software solutions. But one of the changes impacting on the current trend is concerns regarding to the use of remote resources on a large scale, called as cloud computing. In this article, we are going to explain the main … Read more

Why a Cloud Management Platform is essential in today’s Cloud Computing world

Cloud Computing is being adopted at a greater pace than smartphones. With its advantages increasing day by day, cloud deployments are increasing. In order to bring efficiency to the work place and reduce redundancy a single point of management is essential for all the cloud services. In this context Cloud Management Platforms are being adopted. … Read more

5 Ways Cloud is Utilized for Marketing


There are many forms now of marketing apart, given the opportunities led by digital marketing. For marketers, the cloud is one way to execute campaigns and be successful given the limited resources it requires. In this article, we will tackle five ways on how the cloud is utilized for marketing, making it an enabler for … Read more

Understanding Private Cloud to Optimize Your Benefits

Private Cloud benefits

Cloud is likely to become a part of your organizational structure despite its size or industry. Not upgrading your organizational environment to accept virtualization in the future may soon put you on a competitive disadvantageous position.  IT departments are urged to develop required cloud skill sets to prepare themselves to adopt cloud setup in the … Read more

Faults of the Cloud Computing Systems

Cloud computing is a huge breakthrough in the way we approach data management, and computing in general, and it is no wonder that people are calling this technology revolutionary and world changing. However, when you really consider it, cloud computing is pretty much still in its infancy, and there are issues that simply didn’t yet … Read more