VoIP Apps For Smartphones

Today, there are numerous gadgets that utilizes any VoIP service as well as IP telephony as it became  popular with both corporations and consumers alike. For a lot of  people, IP or Internet Protocol  has become a way to deliver data. It has also become a tool that streamlines a wide range of business applications.

Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP has become the  foundation for a more advanced unified communications applications that includes web and video conferencing. This may be done on the Internet or your own internal network.

VoIP Apps for Smartphones has now become a trend. Mobile applications offer vital functions and features and are using them to boost business efficiency as well as reducing expenses because telephone calls travel over the data network rather than the phone company’s network.

The two most popular platforms that offer a range of useful VoIP apps are Androids and iPhones. There are a lot of applications that are available in their respective application ecology, App Store and Play Store, respectively. Their users would be able to easily see these VoIP applications by simply tapping on the search bar without any delay.

Below are the Top 6 VoIPs Apps for Smartphones:

  • Vopium. Vopium works on over 900 cell phones  and WLAN enabled devices. After you make an international call using Vopium, it filters your call and sends it to the country you want to connect. You pay your telephone company for a call made and Vopium for the remainder.
  • Skype. Skype has become the number one VoIP worldwide. This allows users to get in touch with peers with voice, video, and instant messaging features over the Internet. Phone calls may also be placed to others using  telephone networks that are traditional. Calls to users within the Skype service are of no charge, while calls to landline or home phones as well as mobile phones are   charged through a debit-based user account system. In addition, Skype has become well-liked for its additional features which includes video conferencing and file transfer.
  • Rebtel. Next to Skype, Rebtel has become the second largest VoIP. This allows a new method of making international calls  by using devices such as a mobile phone, landline, Smartphone or desktop PC. This  technology facilitates cheap or free mobile to mobile as well as mobile to landline international calls.Rebtel has a “Keep Talking” feature which is unique as it allows users who are talking over their Internet connection to switch over to their mobile network when they want. This app will prompt users to tap the Keep Talking button on the call screen to continue the phone conversation without interruption, even when they leave a WI-Fi zone or experience choppy connection.
  • Fring. Fring allows free phone calls to anyone and anywhere that has Fring, Skype, VoIP Stunt, SIP, ICQ, MSN traveler or GoogleTalk put in.
  • EQO. EQO saves you  money on long distance calls by connecting  long distance calls over cheaper IP lines by transferring your calls to cheaper data lines across the Internet. This will save you 95-98% less than the regular  calling rates. Calling another EQO user is free.

VoIP will indeed help you cut down your bills for your international calls. All you need to do is set this up and use it. You can then have the best communication capability that you require.

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