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This website is our newest addition to our set of news portals. The Cloud is the future of many organisations and corporations in the internet. It is the complex integration of various systems to form pool of resources to be available at a reasonable price. Cloud Computing on the other hand can be handled by the normal man provided he has the right set of tools and tutorials. We provide a set of tutorials and insights on What is the Cloud Computing, and how to get in to the Cloud Computing era easily. Even if you are newbie to the term Cloud, you can start plugging into the Cloud Computing industry in no time using our Cloud reviews and tutorials.

Cloud Computing news Daily: Cloud Plugged

Occasionally  we provide some Cloud Whitepapers for reference to all our readers.

Moving to the Cloud might be easy, but configuring it isn’t. So, we will try to provide you with the best tutorials related to migrating towards the cloud,securing your cloud and monitoring in the cloud.

Altogether we bring the Cloud Computing industry news to you daily and keep you updated on the Cloud trends. In this era of Cloud, availability of content is important both us and you, so make sure you subscribe to our newsletter too.

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If you haven’t started your cloud journey yet, it’s time you begin migrating to the cloud. Our reviews on various Cloud IT service vendors and Cloud Hosting providers will make your cloud choices easy and cut down your costs.

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So get on board and plug into the Cloud Computing world with us!

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