Is Cloud ERP the best solution for your business

Cloud ERP

Enterprise resource planning іѕ аn industry term wіth rеgаrdѕ tо broad number оf activities thаt assists а corporation manage thе significant aspects оf іtѕ business ѕuсh аѕ purchasing аnd inventory management. ERP applications саn lіkеwіѕе incorporate modules fоr thе finance аnd human capital management facets оf а ѕоmе industry experts, thе promise оf cloud … Read more

Cloud computing: The age of wireless computing is here

Cloud computing has long transformed from being just a buzz phrase used by computer experts and tech journalists to a household term. No matter where you look, you’ll see it in action, be it on a computer, mobile device, or even gaming. This rapid growth in its popularity and prevalence is hardly surprising because the … Read more

Cloud, Mobile and Social: The perfect storm for Health IT platform modernization

Cloud Mobile Social

The words cloud, mobile and social are now part of every dinner conversation. We store our data on Google Drive, pick up our mobile phones by the minute to check Facebook updates, and produce unprecedented amounts of data across many social networks. For the first time ever, there is a tremendous capability to get near … Read more

Your Calendar In The Cloud: Great Cloud-Based Calendar Apps

Anyone who has ever lost locally-stored appointments in Outlook due to a hard drive crash knows how frustrating it can be. Yet storing appointments in a mobile device can be difficult, especially if the calendar isn’t available on the other devices someone is using throughout the day. Users have learned that the answer to continual … Read more

8 Cloud Hosting Benefits That Can Enhance the Effectiveness of Your Online Business

Website designing and hosting are the two fundamental aspects that will get you the benefits that come from being online. Depending on how you put these two aspects into perspective and the decisions that you make, you can either enhance the performance of your online business or jeopardize it. These are so many webhosting plans … Read more

SaaS Is Quiet Killer App For Cloud Computing

saas cloud computing

With all the recent talk about cloud computing, SaaS has not gotten much attention but it seems to remaina driving force in the new technology. Many people focus on other new applications like IaaS or PaaS clouds because they are the latest to come into cloud computing. Most people who use cloud technology though are … Read more

The Rise Of Global Enterprise Mobile Workforce Management

The field service industry today looks nothing like it did a few decades ago. Back then, a global enterprise required the use of a lot of tools, resources and funding in order to stretch business into the far reaches of the globe. But today, businesses are achieving a global presence with less than ever before … Read more

Is The Cloud Replacing Enterprise Level Hardware And Software?

small business cloud

There is no denying that cloud computing has been growing at a surprising rate and is expected to continue developing. Along with all this growth comes the question of whether traditional forms of IT will still survive amongst the dramatic changes in technology. Unfortunately for enterprise hardware and software vendors, it seems as though cloud … Read more

Are We Confident Enough About The Cloud?


Once just a dream, the cloud is currently the most embraced reality of the industry. Now the most sought after service in the IT sector, the cloud has been the recipient of rapid adoption as organizations have now begun embracing the cloud and the services that make it a compelling package. With incentives such as … Read more

5 Ways Cloud Can Help You Make Better Business Decisions

Cloud Computing Business Models

Decisions often change the life of the one who is making them. That split second choice not just determines the future of his own but also of the one related to him and the choice. Important decision must be taken with due care and caution. Every good decision changes the life for something better. And … Read more