HP Cloud OS Unveiled To Deliver Agile IT Performance

The majority of the IT vendors is currently very open in supporting an Open Stack infrastructure in a cloud computing environment and it is about time that a company will fully emerge to take action in creating an actual stack based cloud computing operating system just like Hewlett Packard. At the recently concluded HP Discover 2013 conference, the company unveiled its HP Cloud OS which is a platform that offers many information technology organizations a private or public cloud that they can utilize for their cloud computing needs.


Most IT organizations are thrilled to experience this newly launched Open Stack based operating system in the cloud environment technology that promises them more agility in business performance.

The latest breakthrough in cloud computing

True to its commitment of developing more advanced public and private cloud computing systems using a hybrid cloud model, HP Cloud was designed to deliver a more efficient cloud computing platform that would be easier to deploy and manage. The HP research and IT development team have worked closely in order to develop the HP Cloud OS which platform provides most IT organizations efficient tools that could cut cost the expenses in managing IT on the cloud and make an organization’s operation more agile.

The platform forms part of the HP Cloud System with a convergent feature that may be integrated with other HP cloud computing technologies. The company is working on the future integration of the Cloud OS into the HP Moonshot servers, an advanced centralized platform that is powered by a low energy Atom processor launched earlier this year. The HP Moonshot cloud application will provide the Cloud OS with tools needed for provisioning and managing various cloud workloads.

This cloud integration system is designed to provide larger companies the ability to manage and maintain high powered maintenance websites and enable them to be competent in managing larger cloud workloads with better agility, efficiency and cost effective methods.

The features of the HP Cloud Platform

If you are contemplating on using the HP cloud technology, you will have the privilege of using its features that are clothed with simplified service delivery. The platform is easy to install and configure and allows for intensive operational process manual management owing to its simplified, automated process while doing away complicated steps in managing various multiple cloud packages.

The IT cloud computing team of HP aims to deliver an extensive dashboard monitoring and administration to help IT organizations in streamlining their IT operations at a lower rate in terms costs and operational risks. As HP’s vice president of Converged Cloud Wendy Cartee would say, the HP Cloud provides its users provisional opportunities to use the system as a template where they could try out different infrastructures and provision them multiple times.

The HP Cloud OS is an open infrastructure, providing a more flexible cloud environment to work on with. Thus, users have an optimized cloud computing management system where they could provision on various aspects of their IT needs. It comes with a consistent workload placement that is repeatable across diverse cloud deployment infrastructures.

Something to look forward to with HP Cloud OS Computing

HP is soon to bundle up the HP Cloud to its HP Moonshot server that runs an internet scale application owing to its ability to manage provisional applications and target workload more specifically working in dedicated web hosting services. It will also be available for HP customers through the HP OS Sandbox implementation for free installation.

For IT organizations that are not quite ready to embrace the latest HP Cloud OS in Open Stack, they can use the Converged Cloud Professional Service Suite which makes it more convenient for them to use with different guides available to help them through the implementation process of managing their IT within the cloud environment.

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