Cloud computing: The age of wireless computing is here

Cloud computing has long transformed from being just a buzz phrase used by computer experts and tech journalists to a household term. No matter where you look, you’ll see it in action, be it on a computer, mobile device, or even gaming. This rapid growth in its popularity and prevalence is hardly surprising because the … Read more

8 Cloud Hosting Benefits That Can Enhance the Effectiveness of Your Online Business

Website designing and hosting are the two fundamental aspects that will get you the benefits that come from being online. Depending on how you put these two aspects into perspective and the decisions that you make, you can either enhance the performance of your online business or jeopardize it. These are so many webhosting plans … Read more

Cloudy with a Chance of Profitable Hi-Tech Innovations

When rumors first hit the market about its possibility, a number of naysayers raised their voice. Although simple, the concept is dreamy and almost impossible, which is perhaps why people referred to it as “cloud” computing. Cloud computing or distributed computing connects several computers or gadgets in a network in real time and allows users … Read more

Are You Doing a Check on the Hidden Costs and Technical Glitches with the Cloud?


The cloud is everywhere. The term ‘Cloud Computing’ has created much expectations and hype among its anticipants. Many companies are just embracing the cloud without much or a little check on it. However, conscious users have their view on the Cloud that calls for a strong check on the claims and assurance on the various … Read more

Why Virtualization Security Is Crucial

Hybrid Cloud Computing and Cluster Cloud Computing difference

If you’re familiar with what virtualization is then you can probably guess why virtualization security is so important. When businesses (especially large businesses) are utilizing virtualization tools to store and send sensitive information, there becomes a great need to secure that data. Failing to do so can literally bring a company to the ground. Virtualization Benefits There … Read more