Are Private encrypted emails the only solution for confidential communication?

Lately there has been a furore about secure communication over the internet. A lot has been talked and discussed about government snooping around our web based communication channels and this has raised potent security concerns. The obvious question is there always someone keeping a check on our messages which we send and receive through emails … Read more

Cloud Computing and its impact on developing countries

Cloud Computing has rapidly transformed the world since the last three years. It still continues to do so. With the increasing options in the cloud computing world and the ease of switching to multiple platforms as well as architectures, everyone is moving to the cloud. From small businesses and bloggers to tech giants who are … Read more

Cloud Security Practices: Worst Mistakes For SMBs

cloud small business

Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are adopting the cloud. It’s no wonder, since according to a recent PC World article, 70 percent of SMBs have already reinvested money saved as a result of moving to cloud services. Yet with reward comes risk and with so many off-premises solutions available, it’s easy to make security missteps. … Read more

Cloud computing: The age of wireless computing is here

Cloud computing has long transformed from being just a buzz phrase used by computer experts and tech journalists to a household term. No matter where you look, you’ll see it in action, be it on a computer, mobile device, or even gaming. This rapid growth in its popularity and prevalence is hardly surprising because the … Read more

The Cloud: Should I Trust The Cloud Or Do My Own Backups?

Cloud Backup data security

Modern advances in technology have made it possible to back up data in a variety of different ways. Cloud storage provides an opportunity to automatically back up data and keep information safe, but that does not mean it is risk-free. There are still certain concerns associated with the cloud, so it is important to recognize … Read more

Virtual Data Centers: Becoming The Norm?

Cloud computing is increasingly becoming the norm in both personal computer use and on an enterprise level. People use cloud computing for everything from online banking to email to Google Docs. They love the convenience of being able to access their information from a variety of devices from nearly any location. Project collaboration or working … Read more

Exciting Features Of Cloud Email Hosting For Your Business

The cloud based system has brought in lots of features that have revolutionized many business functions in the 21st century. Looking at life before and after, you can clearly tell the difference in the way websites, email services and online storage features work. The speed and convenience are just some of the notable features of … Read more

Fears About Cloud May Be Holding Organizations Back, Study Shows

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Businesses are facing pressure to move to the cloud, but fear still holds some organizations back. Despite the fact that their competitors may be edging ahead of them, these businesses cling to outdated processes because it makes them feel safe. But is this the best course of action? A new study indicates that security hasn’t … Read more

8 Cloud Hosting Benefits That Can Enhance the Effectiveness of Your Online Business

Website designing and hosting are the two fundamental aspects that will get you the benefits that come from being online. Depending on how you put these two aspects into perspective and the decisions that you make, you can either enhance the performance of your online business or jeopardize it. These are so many webhosting plans … Read more

Pros And Cons Of Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing is a term used in the IT world to describe the use of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, maintain, and process data. Prior to cloud computing, businesses relied on their own hardware and software for their data needs. While “the cloud” has proven itself to be more than just a … Read more